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Re: My wife is making my financial life miserable

kjm79 - argh!  I can totally feel your frustration!  Is DH still in the military?   Do you have a family budget?   I have a few strategies that are great for military.   Smiley Happy  PM or I can post them here.


Make a house poster.   I'm telling you, seeing something every day, helps you stay focused.


drkaje - so leave Duncan alone that way, by start looking for coupons and do their "preferred customer" thingy (punch card, emails) and saving some change that way.  Smiley Happy  We just have to stay away from the laundry mat.  DD is right next door.   It means laundry day costs about $15.  Smiley Sad   


It takes time and effort to become debt free.   It takes a LOT of patiences if the partner is not on board!