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Re: My wife is making my financial life miserable

IOBA wrote:

kjm79 - argh!  I can totally feel your frustration!  Is DH still in the military?   Do you have a family budget?   I have a few strategies that are great for military.   :smileyhappy:  PM or I can post them here.


Make a house poster.   I'm telling you, seeing something every day, helps you stay focused.


drkaje - so leave Duncan alone that way, by start looking for coupons and do their "preferred customer" thingy (punch card, emails) and saving some change that way.  :smileyhappy:  We just have to stay away from the laundry mat.  DD is right next door.   It means laundry day costs about $15.  :smileysad:   


It takes time and effort to become debt free.   It takes a LOT of patiences if the partner is not on board!

I'm jonesing for a cup right now, LOL!


If it'll make you feel better, I'll even pay cash!

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