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Unmarried couple buying house

Always a bad idea‽


Basically, my foolish housemate is getting married (for the 5th time) to some chick he found on a dating website *. I'm eligible for a VA loan, no money down. Been with the same girl 6ish years and have no plans for marriage. Figured I should get a house and not be at the mercy of another roommate's marriage follies, LOL! She's always here anyways and we've lived together before with no drama.


Is there a safe, fair way to do something like this. My gut is kinda yelling "Shop within whatever budget you can afford alone, with no extra stress, just in case!", LOL! She's very excited about the house hunting process and so on. In my mind it's more or less a necessary evil and will give additional stability.


Her credit is perfect. We'd definitely qualify for a traditional mortgage with 20% down. Credit really isn't an issue at all. It's more about avoiding drama, in my mind. In the same vein, I definitely would not want to ever put someone in a scenario where they felt unequal.


* It's gonna be her fourth trip to the rodeo, LOL!

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