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Re: Unmarried couple buying house

drkaje wrote:

haulingthescoreup wrote:

drkaje wrote:

^ Considering more than half of all marriages end in divorce, I don't know if we can assume any relationship is forever.

I do realize that, as I noted above. No guarantees on anything.

Was only kidding. Forgot the smiley. Smiley Happy


Not anti-marriage. Just not my thing anymore.


I'm trying very hard to simplify things and am 100% certain there's no compromise that'd satisfy both our comfort levels. Break-ups are a pain in the butt as it is, having to fight over a house really doesn't sound like any fun at all.

Yeah, it's kind of sad. On the one hand, I believe that you have to be practical. On the other hand, I wonder if going into things (including marriages) with all these internal reservations about what-if and exit strategies help doom them from the get-go.


In the end, I think that it really helps relationships/ marriages if both parties are fully capable of living independently for the rest of their lives, both financially and emotionally, but they choose to share their future. Oddly, not "having" to stay makes you more free to commit to stay. It reduces the many, many instances of people who are trapped (= trap themselves) in bad relationships because they don't see how they could live on their own. <-- It's very, very different when there are children involved, though, IMO.


Geeze, what depressing musings for a beautiful Sunday! Smiley Very Happy

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