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Not a spouse story....but family instead
Against my family's better judgement (and mine included) I decided to provide my older sister with a cellphone since her credit is/was crap. The agreement was that the bill would be set up on auto payment from her debit card.

Well, we all know how well "helping others out" end up :smileysad:. After three consecutive months of her cancelling auto payment, sending in partial payment, etc I decided to pull the plug. I called Verizon and was told there was a $90 balance plus an early termination fee of $110. I agreed to it and was told they would send me a bill.

I waited for the bill and when it arrived, it was actually $350. Apparently the payments she made bounced ! I sucked it up and paid and notified her in which case her response was "I'm not paying for a phone you turned off".

Long story short, she just signed yesterday for the 10 day demand letter before I file small claims case.

My sister (or anyone for that matter) is not worth risking my credit worthiness over. It's sad to think we will probably never speak after this but I'm at a loss of options :smileysad:

Thanks for letting me vent.
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