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Re: Not a spouse story....but family instead



I actually feel kind of "dirty" with the recent registered mail I sent her.


I tried sending it at the beginning of October, but she knew what it was going to be so she never answered the door to sign for it, and conveniently never went by the post office to pick it up.


Well, my nephew's birthday was the 9th so I sent her a message via facebook that said "I'm sending my nephew a gift card for his birthday.  It will arrive registered mail since I don't trust the postal service.  If you want him to get his birthday present from his aunt, I suggest you sign for the card"


Well...that indeed prompted her to go pick up the letter from the post office.  Sure it cost me a $20 gift card to Walmart that she will probably spend instead of my 7 year old nephew, but oh well.  It was far worth is knowing I can now file suit Smiley Happy



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