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Re: My wife is making my financial life miserable

Another thing, maybe your wife is feeling as though you can spend what you want but she cannot. If you don't have a budget create one together. Show her they you both have the same amount of "fun money" to spend and that a certain amount is for bill/savings no matter what.


(A good budgetting program is YNAB. Initially it is humbling to look at what you spend and your lack of money but it is good. Many other good programs exist as well. I am only suggesting it since it has worked for me.) 



Just to add to Varakai, there is a show called "Til debt do us part". It might be a good one to watch together. It is about couples having issues with money and spending. It might just help the two of you get on the same page, being able to see couples just like you improve their financial picture. 

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