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Re: Prudential stock

Dillenger33 wrote:

I'm an heir to my sister's estate. The executor of the estate hasn't been forthcoming with the status of the estate, it's been open 5 years. I have recieved a Family Settlement Agreement recently, but am hesitent to sign it.


For instance, in the accounting, there is listed Prudential stock (854.343 shares @ $6.23 per share). I checked online and the value of Prudential common stock has been much greater than $6.23 for the last five years. I'm wondering if there are other types of Prudential stock and what they are? I'm going to request documentation of this transaction but wanted some information before I do.




First of all, I am very sorry for your loss....I haven't been involved in any probate/estate related issues directly ~ but 5 years seems strange, maybe there is a good reason for it, but I don't know.


Prudential financial common stock ( PRU ) has traded at over $50 ~ so something isn't right there, perhaps it is a different stock class like you mentioned.  I would definately request additional details in writing.

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