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Re: My wife is making my financial life miserable

I have not read through everyone's replies to you but my thought is this.  I do not personally know you or your wife so any thoughts I have about the situation you have explained could be WAY off.  


I will say that My husband and I are a one income family.  I was extremely worried about completely relying on my husband to take care of me financially.  I was scared that he would question every purchase I made etc.  Luckily for us it has never been that way.  It is very possible that she is blinded in some ways because she is upset about be told what she can and can not spend.  Most of us can be stubborn and if that is the case for her she is not going to change until she no longer feels the need to defend herself.  I know for me I LOVE shopping but we don't have the finances for me to shop often.  My fix for that is that I shop at thrift stores all the time.  It is always nice because you never know what you will find and many times you walk out the store with nothing but you got the gratification of shopping.  


My husband has no clue how much our bills are monthly.  Every once in awhile I have to remind him.  I look at it on paper all the time.  I tally the bills and income together etc.  I try to show it to my husband because I think when he does not see it he is mostly unaware of how tight our budget is.  Definitely have your wife tally up all the bills and income to have it visable to her everyday.  Don't just write it down and give it to her... make her calculate everything.  The most important thing is not to do any of this in an accusing or angry manner because that will definitely push her away. 


Maybe you could make a savings chart that also includes monthly bills and put it on the fridge.  That way the kids can watch the savings grow and your wife is once again reminded that saving is the goal.  


There is also a good chance that she want change.  I have seen many family members that shop, shop, shop to fill a void.  Maybe the two of you could try counseling?  Good Luck!

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