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Financially UNstable Fiancee

What is the best way to merge finances with someone who's not great (at all) at managing their  finances?  My fiancee hasn't really learned that there is opportunity cost for everything that you do, and  that whatever your current choices are,  you HAVE to give something up in return. We're beginning the process of merging things together, and to a point he really seems ok with abdicating all rights to truly help manage our finances in the future.  I know that's not smart because if I handle everything  then if something happens to me, he'll have no idea where to jump in.  In addition, he just needs to learn how to do this as an adult, anyway.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this in a way that works for both of us?  (1. Doesn't overwhelm either of us, 2. We build up a good savings, 3. Doesn't result in a parent-child relationship - I really don't want to tell him what his 'allowance' is every month)