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Re: Financially UNstable Fiancee

kjc143 - DO NOT merge your finances!


* You keep your cc, loans, and bank accounts in your name, to yourself.


* Let him keep his to himself.


This way, you are less likely to suffer from his lack of financial interest.


* Don't bail his butt out either, when he gets into financial stress/distress.  You can offer to help him figure out solutions, but let him suffer the consequences of his choices.


* If he will learn (and you have said he doens't care to at this time), then try different approaches.   The book & kit someone recommended.  Monopoly money.   


* Are you in a community property state?  If so, then his bads (not paying bills, etc) could affect you as creditors try to get you to pay.


Last, you might want to reconsider marriage to him.


Please let us know how things progress.