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Re: Do I have a problem? ;)

IOBA wrote:

Ally and Navy let you open CD's with as little as $100.   (with restrictions, Navy has one you can open with as little as $50.)  AND Navy lets you add as little as a penny to each CD.


USAA lets you open CD with as little as $250.   AND you can add to the balance in increments of $25.


Amex lets you open a CD with as little as you want.  Yes, you can open up a CD for a $1.00

Hey, I was looking into this a few weeks ago, inspired by your thread. Smiley Happy


Does Ally let you open repeated, separate CD's? In other words, is it practical to use Ally to open a new and independent CD every two weeks? Or do they get snippy at you?


There are a lot of cranky responses on their website, and I don't know if it's justified, or if they just have a lot of confused new members.

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