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Re: Do I have a problem? ;)

haulingthescoreup - no, Ally doesn't get snippy.   None of them do.   If they ask questions, (which is unlikely since you can do everything online) then when you explain to them the system, how you want to build your relationship with them AND build up reserves to so that every week or two weeks, you know you could access emergency fund (cd's maturing), they think it's really cool.   There are quite a few bank employees that are doing the same thing now.  :smileyhappy:


SynnDiesel - that's a great idea.   Are you banking with Ally or Navy or any other bank that would allow you to open a CD with a small amount of money?  If they would, maybe you can put $25-50 into a CD per month and keep the rest in savings.   It's important to have both - cash savings, as well as a revolving CD door.   NOT that you would cash out the CD's, you want them to roll over, but it's great to have that security blanket.  :smileyhappy:


If the CD idea is seen in print - that was me - I didn't steal the idea (it was published).