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Re: My wife is making my financial life miserable

My husband is terrible with money therefore everything is in my name, the house, car, credit cards. When I have given him a credit card, he would use it without letting me know, then I would have to juggle the bills to make sure it was paid. Solution, I stopped letting him have access to any credit cards.


It is interesting that your wife is resentful, when you are the one that have been dealing with the chaos. In my situation, his resentment would cause me guilt until one day I realize that I can't take responsibility for someone else bad behavior. Also, in my case, since I historically fixed the mess that my husband would get us into, I think he always figured that I would “fix it” or that “you took care of it didn’t you.” He totally missed the point.


As was suggested, counseling looks like the route you should go.

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