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Re: Do I have a problem? ;)
I'm going to have it set up so that starting in the end of August, I have a CD maturing every week. Lol. So then every week between end of August (2012) to end of Feb (2013) I'll have a CD maturing that would be able to cover my living expenses plus a bit extra (if worse comes to worse). And then if I'm still in an okay financial situation starting in August when the CDs are coming up, I'll add 400 a week and put them back in for another 6 months. So then each time I roll over a CD like that, I'll be able to have 6 months from that date of financial safety. And starting in Feb (2013) I'd start having 800 a week coming up. And the cycle continues. Not sure if I'm making sense. Sorry for the long explanation.

@ IOBA: I owe you big time. There have been a couple genius ideas that I've gotten from the forums recently and it has changed everything. You're amazing. Smiley Happy lol
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