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Re: Financial Follies that Break the Relationship

tpatterson2k9 wrote:

Seeing as how finances are the number one reason couples get divorced, I was curious about hearing from the myFICO community about what particular financial follies a partner has that would either end the relationship or, at the minimum, erase any thought of marrying that person due to the folly.


I don't know if I'm just being too picky or not, but there is one thing my girlfriend does that, albeit is not the worse thing in the world, indicates to me that she would not know how to control her spending later down the line.  As much convincing as it took, I finally got her to sign up for the Amex Blue Cash Everyday card not too long ago because of the awesome rewards (she had no prior rewards CCs).  Before she signed up, I told her all about the extra cash back she would have coming her way if she just started putting all the charges she normally makes on her debit card on her Amex card instead.  Well, it's been about two months and she still refuses to use her rewards CC.  After genuinely and politely asking her why, she explained that she doesn't think she could manage to only charge what she could afford each month.  To me, the fact that she doesn't have a general idea of her monthly budget or spending is a big red flag, especially since she should know because of her frequent debit card use.  The way I look at this is she's just saying no thanks to free money, but maybe that's just me. 


So what are some of the not-so-desirable financial behaviors you've witnessed in a current on ex partner that really made you think twice about getting serious with that person?

If she's not overspending, it's no folly at all.


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