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Re: Financial Follies that Break the Relationship

tpatterson2k9 wrote:

So what are some of the not-so-desirable financial behaviors you've witnessed in a current on ex partner that really made you think twice about getting serious with that person?

I'll give mine in a numbered fashion, since these have happened to me:


(1) Has no idea how to pull a credit report, or what that even really  means.


(2) Has three outstanding debts to which she is just paying the minimum on.


(3) Has her tax refund taken away because she had a fourth debt - a federal student loan - that she was delinquent on.


(4) Constantly had close to a $5 balance in her checking account after all her bills were paid. No savings. And, she worked at a bank.


(5) Routinely late on car payments and had no idea how that actually affected her credit.


(6) Continously asked friends/families to help cover for her when she had no money at the end of the month (at that point, I had stopped enabling her)


(7) Asked me to co-sign on a loan for her sister so that they could buy a house they had been renting (mind you, her sister had her phone/internet cut off every 3 months because of late payments)


(8) Always talked about enjoying life and living in the moment, ALWAYS whenever a financial decision had to be made.


(9) Last year of living with her, we went from splitting the rent 60-40 to me paying 80-20, and sometimes, not even the 20.


And those are just a few I can remember.

Red flags that I didn't see until too late. The mortgage co-signing was definitely the big one. That one happened about two weeks before her refund got "taken" from her to go towards her delinquent student loan. When her tax refund got taken away from her, she had counted on that money to take a trip with a few friends to the Dominican Republic. By that time, the writing was on the wall for me. I opted to not take the trip with her because I wanted to be financially responsible. I thought the fact her refund was gone would incline her to do the same. Nope, she asked for $1.2K from a family member so she could take a 5 day trip there.


By the time she took her trip, I was already single.


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