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Re: Financial Follies that Break the Relationship

I see. 

tpatterson2k9 wrote:

lovinlifeinkc wrote:
While I believe finances are a huge part of a relationship in general I don't think anyone wants to be told by a boyfriend or how to spend the money they earned. My opinion is unless you plan on merging your money don't worry about how anyone spend their cash.

Though I do appreciate and respect your opinion, I offer the analogy of an addict who spends all of their money on drugs.  Would you not try to help this person cease their drug habit and save their money? 


My girlfriend still lives at home and has been all through the last 5 years she's been working at a dental office.  In that time, she has amassed zero savings (other than the tax refund she just got, which I'm sure will get spent) and she eventually wants to go to dental school (expensive).  I look at trying to get her to save on interest as helping her learn to save her money for decades down the line when it comes to retirement.  Even if she doesn't get her finances in order with me, I feel that if I could help her understand the importance of not paying interest and saving her money, that equates to less burden on taxpayers as a whole when fifty years from now she retires.  Otherwise, she would be relying heavily on the system to support her, which of course will come from taxpayer funds.


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