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Re: Never co-sign a loan. Never, ever ever.

After speaking with my ex again, she says that the credit union gave her the option of extending the auto loan by three months without penalty so she took advantage of that.  It had been a 72 month auto loan, but they extended it to 75 months.  She then missed the very last payment on the schedule by 30 days.  I told her that she could have contacted me if she needed money to make the last payment and she could have paid me back, but she decided to be irresponsible instead.  *sigh*


She's trying to get a goodwill adjustment on her end and I'm trying on my end, so maybe we'll be able to get something worked out.  I sent a letter, which I fully expect to be rejected.  When I get a response, I'll try contacting the CU's CEO.  This credit union seems to be very "by the book", so getting a GW adjustment is going to be extremely hard.

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