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Re: Financial Follies that Break the Relationship

I'm glad that my DGF wasn't in the least offended when we compared financials, budgets, credit reports...

And honestly, if I ever end up dating again, if I dated anyone that avoided the conversation about it, I wouldn't see that relationship past the dating phase. Crude, but honest, and I'd stick to it.

The conversation needs to at LEAST happen.

Last thing I need is "Surprise, I have debt coming out of every pore in my body, mind and soul."


I don't want someone who is perfect, just someone who is willing to be open about either being responsible or the desire to do so.


We've agreed to keep our finances separate but most of the "joint expenses" coming from one joint bank account.
I could care less if she goes to buy some shoes as long as I know that everything for the month is paid and accounted for. It helps SO much to know that that aspect of the relationship is completely taken care of.


Now if only I could solve the mystery of how when I ask if something is wrong and she says "Nothing"... the quickness of her answer to the question is inversely proportional to the amount of rage within her at that point in time...

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