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Re: Do I have a problem? ;)

Repo-ed - I looked into those when I was doing a lot of research on investing.  To me, the numbers did not work.   IF I was to invest in the bonds, I'd have to print out a paper certificate and lock it up so it doesn't get lost or forgotten.   And it would definitely be a LONG term strategy.  


I looked at tax free munipal bonds awhile back.  Did a lot of research into those.  On the surface they sound great.  But overall, there's no guarantee there will ever be a return on your investment.   I watched their performance for several months and it was gut wrenching to watch the value go up and then plummet...  And the ones I looked into all required several thousand to get a piece of the action.  I didn't have several thousand at the time.


So for now, I am sticking to CD's, short term and long term ones.  At least I know the balance will go up (and not down) and I will have easy access to cash if needed every few weeks as the short term (one year or less) CD's mature.  I have only cash on that once - but the short term CD's were intended for a specific purpose.


I just started doing "even out" payments on the Navy CD's.  Smiley Happy   I LOVE being able to add funds to existing CD's!