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Re: Parents have Credit Cards in my name screwing my Credit Score

JustMe77 - I think the OP was saying he had taken out student loans in his name and had missed a few payments.   The credit cards were in his name, but his parents applied for the cards, received the cards (intercepted his mail), used the cards, charged up the balance on the cards, and sometimes make the minimum payment.


The OP was upset becuase the cc debt & missed payments, on top of his own student loan debt & missed payments, had really hurt his credit score.


He wants the cc debt out of his name and in his parents name.  


The OP now realizes that with as much debt as he has, he can not get a home or do much of anything.


The OP is not  willing to turn his parents in for fraud or identity theft.    His parents had previously filed for BK and did not have credit, which is why they applied in their son's (the OP's) name.


Hope this helps!