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I had to have "the talk" with my 17 year old son

My oldest, who is a senior in HS, just got hired for his second job, working "regular hours, PT" at the UPS.  His first job, working at the McD's, only got him 4 or 6 hours a week, which didn't even cover his gas, much less his part of the car insurance.


So, we sat down and had "the talk". yep- we discussed money: savings, retirement (don't laugh- I wish someone had made me think long term when I was a teen), tithe, fun money, expenses- now and when he starts school in the fall, budgeting....  and "credit" and why he should not apply until he has some savings built up.  They cover some of this stuff in school in consumer ed, but not enough to keep you out of trouble. 


Anyone else sit down with their teen? How did it go?  We are going to need to go over more in the near future, but I definitely gave him some stuff to consider.

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