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Re: Not a spouse story....but family instead

You guys have made me consider the approach that I planned on taking with my sister...I've been internally struggling over this for far too long, and you guys are right to say it's better just to take the high road and cut ties financially.


BUT, just to clear things up, nobody in my family believes that I SHOULDN'T file a claim (again, I'm not the only one who has been financially taken for a ride).  There will be no love lost if I were to pursue that option for the following reasons:


Mom:  spent over $2k between paying rent, bailing out of jail, co-signed on a truck that was repossessed, etc.  Never has been paid back.

Grandpa:  sent $900 for rent that was "promised" to be paid back....he sadly passed away a year and a half ago.  Never was paid back.

Dad & Stepmom:  co-signed for an apartment, paid 3 months rent, bought clothes for "professional" job.  Sister was evicted from apartment for not paying.  Never has been paid back.

Aunts & Uncles:  countless times have given sister money to assist her with getting on her feet again.  Never have been paid back.


I have to say, my twin sister is probably the most intelligent in our family - she's the only one who has never offered any assistance or fallen for the pathological lies. 


My husband is a great man for sticking with me while I battled this internally....and I vow to NOT allow her to change the type of person I am.  I now know in the future to only help people that help themselves.  My sister has given me no proof that she has changed, and quite frankly, I doubt she ever will.  In her mind, she feels entitled to all of this financial assistance.


So....since I'm not going to file the small claims suit, should I send the occassionaly "u have my $ yet" text Smiley Very Happy  lol

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