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Re: I had to have "the talk" with my 17 year old son

I feel like I am constantly having this "talk" with my stepson.  He's almost 17, and I'm trying to explain to him the costs of living.

My parents alienated my twin sister and I from the actual costs of living and it was an eye opener for sure when I decided to move out at 18.  Sure, I knew I would have to pay rent and utilities, but I never knew the REAL cost of all that. 


I think by having these kinds of talks with your children, they (hopefully) gain a respect for the parent as well when they realize how much money goes into the cost of raising them and buying their name brand clothes.  I look forward to having this talk with my son (almost 13) in a couple sure beats having to do the "birds and the bees" boy wants their mom to tell them about girls Smiley Very Happy

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