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Re: Never co-sign a loan. Never, ever ever.

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I'd call back and say "I only cosigned for a 60 month loan". If she renegotiated terms or something else you should have been notified, IMO.

OK, I do like this one. Don't know if it will be successful, but it makes sense. It appears that she renegotiated the terms of the contract, and you weren't notified. Wouldn't that invalidate your liability?


Definitely worth following up on, IMO. With an endless, uncrackable smile and earnest good will. Bring mini Baby Ruths and Snickers bars for the tellers. :smileyhappy: Make it easy for them to back down, especially if their attorneys start clearing their throats.  :smileywink:

I'd show up with coffee and a smile.


That close to the finish line (of credit repair); I'd ask for a copy of the 72 month loan application.


If all else fails, I'd politely ask who their "contact person was for legal stuff, like documentation" so they feel a lawyer is calling.

Holy heck, this.

OMG do this... awesome strategy :smileyhappy:  +500....


There is nothing like using fear to get what you want.


"I have never, EVER applied or signed any application as a cosignor for a 75 month loan, or for any kind of 75 month extension for a loan. This long of a term completely violates my credit principals!  I would never have accepted such terms. Please, I need a copy of this "supposed" document for my lawyer, and I sure hope that my signature was not missing or forged on that document.  If you are having trouble locating this document, I will take a goodwill deletion in its place..."

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