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Re: How do you change your name with the bureaus? Or do you?
My name change is part of the divorce decree, and official agencies (drivers license bureau, HR, Social Security) want a copy of the decree. Well, I'll give them the first page, which orders the change, and the last page, with the judge's signature. They're not getting the whole thing, because it's none of their business. Even what's on the two pages that I let them see contains info that's none of their business.

It sounds as though your name change wound up on a separate piece of paper. If so, that's great. You don't have to share other details of your final decree.

lol, got my new USAA cards today, but the card printing company muffed my middle initial (USAA has it right), and for some reason, they sent two copies of the MC. (Just one of the AmEx.) Umm, why did you print and send me two copies?

Waiting for the next set to come in the mail. Smiley Very Happy
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