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How do you handle the Ex.'s collection calls....

My BF's EX wife's name is very similar to his. Her first name just as an e on the end, and she didn't got back to her maiden name. They divorced in 09. He paid of the CC's that he knew of. Needless to say he was just discharged from CH7  3 weeks ago. Had no other choice. She got the house never refi had it foreclosed. She got a car, never refi, got it repo'd. He had garnishments, judgments, and bills showing up everyday. She opened up CC's in his name, loans, etc. She opened up joint accounts that he never new of. He's been hit with inquiries from places in the state she lives in. I pulled his credit reports and even found out that her address was on his reports. We got that taken off. The CCA's have placed fraud alerts. Now that he's been discharged we are getting letters and calls from collection companies asking for her. I put Does not live here on the letters and put them back in the mail. We tell the caller she does not live here. But we still get them. Shouldn't we just give them her information and tell them to not contact us again? I posted something in the student loans forum but no one has replied. Can  her professional license be taken if she has defaulted on her student loans??? We just need to try and prepare ourselves because he pays Child support and alimony. I'm to the point of mailing fliers to everyone that calls for her because it's getting old. Not to mention what the neighbors think of us every time a sheriff's car pulls up because they have a summons for her because of unpaid bills. I tell them she does not live here. My BF has tried to talk to her about this but it's get no where. She just claims that no one can touch her for any bills because she lives in Texas. My BF and I are trying to move forward in our lives and it's hard when "she" keeps popping up. As anyone else dealt with this kind of crazy ????