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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

This is my first time doing the Fitness Challenge and I am ready to get started!


My current situation:

Discharged Bankruptcy November 2010 so I am currently in rebuilding mode.

I currently have 3 CCs and I am an authorized user on one of them.

I have student loans....I want even say how much I owe.  :smileysad:

Personal loan with my Credit Union (Borrowed $500 to help rebuild my credit, in good standing)


My goals:

To save for an 8 month emergency fund and a down payment for a car

To get a decent auto loan interest rate

To live within my budget



I plan to achieve these goals by continuing to pay my bills ontime and by paying down my current debt.





Good Luck Everyone and Happy New Year!


Starting Score: 590
Current Score: EQ:665
9/05/12; EX: 656 7/10/12; TU: 641 8/15/12

Goal Score: 680

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