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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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Hi all,

In 2011 I...
-opened a BofA secured card in April (1st card in about 10 years)
-applied for and was denied for a BofA AAA Visa Sig and an AmEx Zync in May
-had an AU CO removed from EQ and TU, loss of TL made me lose TU score for a few months
-was approved for a Household Bank Platinum 2%Rewards MC in July
-had a successful PFD with RJM
-was approved for a Discover More card in August
-once again had a TU score for October
-applied for and was denied for an AmEx Zync in Oct ~didn't get my birthday gift : (
-was approved for an AmEx Green and denied for Costco TE in December ~did get my Xmas gift : )

2012 will be about...
-continuing to raise my scores (I'm at 741 on EQ, would like EX and TU to catch up!)
-letting AAoA increase
-having BofA unsecure in April (hopefully before that even)
-getting CLI on Discover More, deciding what to do with HSBC
-adding my AmEx revolver (either BCE, BCP, or Costco TE) & getting some backdate luv

Let's see how it goes.

Starting Score: EQ 681 5/2011, EX 656 6/2011 (PSECU), TU98 642 6/2011
Current Score: EQ 741 12/2011, EX 723 07/15 (PSECU), TU08 699 05/15
Goal Score: 725+ across the board

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