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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hey Guys!


I was excited for this 2012 forum to open up! Reading through the 2011 challenge, I really was inspired. I, as with a lot of us, want to be financially stable in life, and no more than now do I truly believe that.


Okay, here we go...


I have had "credit" for a while, although did not really pay much attention to it (chalk it up to ignorance). About 2005, I was in a dirt biking accident that landed me in the hospital. Unfortunately, this happened while I was in between medical insurances, so needless to say, I was screwed. Thousands of dollars later, I was unable to pay and fell behind in payments...all the while by score was being affected. Long story short, the medical bills, my ignorance in paying things on time, and my whole immature approach to financing, has left me in a world of hurt. High interest rate auto loan, students loans, and credit card balances has left me down in the dumps.


But enough is enough, I'm tired of seeing "On Approved Credit" or "Excellent Credit" on T.V. and in ads without my heart sinking into my stomach. I have to get out of this hole, I want to get of this hole, and most of all...I NEED to get out of this hole. I have already begun taking steps in cutting back and saving money for the new year. Changing my medical insurance, auto insurance and other living arrangements...I was able to calculate $1k in savings over a year. Super excited!!


Now, my goal will be to lower debt, no more late payments, and overall repair anyway possible to reach my overall goal. I’m confident with hard work, determination, and this forum, I can reach my goal and reach that pinnacle state of “financially stable”.


Thank you for opening this forum, and I look forward to 2012 as my most productive year to date!


Good Luck everyone!!!



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