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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hello everyone!! I am happy to join to challenge again this year. Last year I was doing well for awhile but ran into a little financial trouble and a couple of my scores declined. I have worked really hard the past 2 weeks to get back on track an the results have been outstanding, thanks to all the advice and help here!


The results of 2011: my EQ and EX scores dropped dramatically my EQ FICO score actually dropped to 470 Smiley Sad


So far in 2012: On December 27th, I pulled my Fico scores and reports and saw the new very low scores and set out to change it fast. I am happy to report that as of January 8th my EQ score jumped to 524!!! That's 54 points in less than 2 weeks Woo Hoo!! Im on a roll!


My goals are to try my best to reach 680 on all three bureaus by Summer and hopefully get approved for a home by Fall and move in before Winter!

Starting Score: TU-582, EQ-597, EX-520
Current Score: TU-608 6/2/15, EQ-605 6/2/15, EX-581 6/2/15
Goal Score: TU-700, EQ-700, EX-700

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