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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hey Fitness Family,


Just updating. Like so many others, I've found the advice given here to be so useful, and I'm grateful for myFICO. So my score actually increased last year.  When I first signed up for myFICO and checked my score, I was at 636.  Now, after doing some gardening and excercising self-control with my spending, I'm at 719. 


My goals for 2012:


1) Increase score to at least 770 or above.

2) Apply for NO NEW CREDIT

3) Use the current cards I have and let them grow and increase in Credit Lines

4) Pay all bills in FULL every month



All the best to everyone!


Current 2013 Score: ScoreWatch Transunion: 737, ScoreWatch Equifax: 723, Nordstrom Equifax: 734
Goal Score for January 2014: 750-809 range

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge