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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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Hey folks,


Found this forum when I finally decided to pull my head out of my tookus regarding my credit and dump my cash-based existance: this community is a fantastic resource, thank you all!


End goal is to be able to get a mortgage, so raising my score to 640 is pretty much where it's at for the first bar and I hope to reach that by the end of 2012 as a target, Would be fantastic to hit it earlier, but we'll see how things go.


Starting report: one IRS enormous albatross from 2004, a paid CA tax lien, one paid collection (2010), an old secured card that had a sixty day late back on 8/10.  Empty file beyond that.  


Dec 2011 "Madness"

- opened up two credit cards, one BOA secured, one Orchard bank unsecured

- bought a car mostly for the car loan at an entirely awkard (though expected w/Auto EX of 551) APR

- took a ridiculous unsecured personal loan for short-term cash and another tradeline.  Expensive way for an installment tradeline


2012 plan:

- Jan: open up another secured card at old credit union

- Jan: take out a secured CD loan 3 year term USAA, cheaper way for installment tradeline

- Jul / Aug (depends on when they report sixth payment): finish off the unsecured personal loan

- Aug/Sep/Oct: depending on current FICO score, pull trigger on refinancing auto loan

- Dec: *maybe* try for an Amex Zync if scores look better, report gets a little cleaner, and mortgage is delayed as I expect

- Ongoing: depending on finances, figure out when to use the long stick to wake the tiger (IRS), might be paid but my documentation has been lackluster this decade

- Ongoing: seeing if I can get that collection removed


Thank you everyone for all your contributions, looking forward to this year!

Starting Score: EQ 04 561, TU 98 567, EX 98 599 (12/30/11)
Current Score: EQ 04 693, EQ 8 714, TU 8 710, EX 8 724 (05/27/16)
Goal Score: 700 on EQ 04 (01/01/17)

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