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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi All-I'm new to the forum but wanted to start after reading some of the really motivating and educating info. My situation is a chapter 7 discharged 12/10. My perfect credit was destroyed by my choice to purchase an unsuccessful franchise with a terrible partner that did not bring a dime to the table. Lost everything. I feel like I'm 18 again but starting with horrible credit. I've owned 4 homes and now I have to rent. I need to buy a house. I'm 49 and feel I'll never be able to retire without becoming a homeowner again. I have not tried to get a mortgage and won't until I raise my score. I'm here to learn more. I'm hoping the FHA will put more pressure on lenders to relaze their overlays. I really don't know what my real scores are because I'm too cheap to pay for them. I did get a free true FICO from this site on Dec 5, 2011 (568). Recently, one month later, I tried Credit Karma (638) and Credit Sesame (601). I really don't know exactly where I'm starting I just know it's not good. I do know that I would love to work up to 740. Don't know if it's possible. Any advice? All of you seem really down to earth. Thanks and let's keep chatting...

Starting Score EQ 568 EX 638 TU602
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