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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi everyone, I'm new here!


A little history: I am 24 and had made some made some bad choices in the past. When I was 18, I was approved for a CapOne credit card with a $7500 limit (my first credit card!) Well, being an 18 year old with a high limit does not work too well and I ended up being garnished for an amount of $12,000. I filed bankruptcy in May of 2011, and now I am trying to rebuild myself so that, one day, I will be able to put my name on a home loan.


From what I have heard and read, my current scores are not that bad from getting out of a recent bankruptcy, but they are definitely not where I'd like them to be. Currently, I have one revolving loan from my credit union with a $200 limit, a Best Buy credit card with a $710 limit, a First Premier card with a $700 limit, and a Credit One card with a $400 limit. I am also in deferrment on my student loans totalling about $12000.


I look forward to "working out" my credit score for 2012!!


- Ashley

Starting Score: Experian 634 Equifax 524 TransUnion 618
Current Score: Experian 639 Equifax 557 TransUnion 629
Goal Score: 750

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