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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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Hi everyone!  I'm getting married in July to someone with very good credit, and I'd like to be able to buy a house together in a few years and not drag him down.  So excited to finally be facing my credit demons, and finding them less formidable than I had thought.  Apparently dealing with stuff is better than ignoring it all for years, lol!


Where I've been:  In default for student loans and ignoring it for a couple of years, haven't had a CC since college (almost 15 yrs ago) when I maxed out an Amex at $800 and never paid (shameful), good payment history as an authorized user on my mom's card which is closed now, and a satisfied judgement for state tax from 2009, $404.  I have no FICOs since I have no current credit accounts.  Pleasant surprise - I had a few small sums in collection over the past 10 years, none of which are on any report.


What I've done:  Signed up for USAA CCMP to access all my reports and track them daily as needed.  Applied for and received 2 ccs - BofA secured, $300, and CapOne Classic Platinum, $500.  Read A LOT on here, so I'm actually educated about credit for the first time ever.


What I plan to do:  Try to get the judgement off my reports by contacting the court, use ccs for small charges and PIF monthly, contact SL CA and start making payments.


Since I have no FICOs, and my FAKOs are all over the place, it's hard to set a realistic goal, so I'm just shooting for my ideal of 700 by YE.  Good luck everyone!!

Starting Score: FICOs: 0, PLUS FAKOs: 660, Other FAKOs: 585
Current Score: FICOs: 0, PLUS FAKOs: 660, Other FAKOs: 585
Goal Score: 700

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