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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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TNTransplant wrote:

Hi All,


I found this forum in November, and so far the information has been great - really good stuff here that will help me clean up my credit.


I sowed my wild credit oats in the '90s (slow pays, charge-offs, etc.), and then realized I couldn't keep doing that - it was embarrassing to apply for a car loan, CC, and get denied.  So, I paid everything that was derogatory and waited for it to clear; also, my last slow pay was in 2001.  I've had 10 years of paying everything on time/clean credit, but still have very low scores (low 600s).  


Since browsing these forums, I've realized my problem has been paying off a CC and then closing it, which resulted in not having a very long AAoA.  I was caught in the subprime borrower category in 2007/2008 and had several CCs that were cancelled on me by creditors, which has resulted in an extremely high utilization %.  And, I've indiscriminately applied for credit at every turn, not aware of how inquiries affected my scores.


My goals for 2012:  1).   Apply for no credit/no inquiries in 2012.  2).  Work on paying off my revolving credit lines with high interest rates (I have 14 total, and I hope to pay off half of these this year).  3).  Keep making all payments on time.


Looking forward to being with everyone here this year.



Ok - I'm putting my dunce cap on now...Smiley Embarassed


While my goals are the same, I'm not in near as bad of shape as I thought.  After more research on the forums, I realized that my current scores in my signature are FAKO scores - I thought because I purchased them from Equifax that they were FICO scores.  WRONG (Equifax Credit Watch is NOT FICO).  So, I purchased an Equifax Fico score from, and got a free TU Fico score from Walmart - my scores have increased by 30-50 points!


FAKO scores in my sig: EQ - 604, TU - 640, EX - 614.  

FICO scores (soon to be in my sig): EQ - 659, TU - 670, EX - ???.


Anyway, I will be updating my 2012 goal for the year to have 700 scores across the board.  I think this is now "doable."  Smiley Happy


Love this forum! 

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