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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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Happy New Year all!


I'm a returning challenger. My situation, continuing from last year:

  • I've continued my regular payments on Student Loan and Consumer Loan and that's still going well.
  • CC util on my main CC has increased but overall util still fairly low due to CLI
  • 30-day late on one CC from Feb 2008 not negatively affecting score according to My FICO
  • 1 Recent Inquiry (June 2011 for CLI)
  • The Best News: The 1 collection disputed & deleted from EQ & EX (wasn't on TU). This caused my score to jump like 25 points!
  • Scores as of 01/12/12 - EQ: 735 (FICO) | TU: 751 (FICO) | EX: 732 (EX site)
  1. This year, paying off CC and limiting usage is a top priority.
  2. Additionally, I'm trying to put a large dent of my Student Loan debt.


The main reason I'm so concerned with my FICO and Credit situation is for my future.

Nothing big happening now but in a few years when I'm ready to buy a car or a house, this will have paid off.


Goal score for 12/31/12: All 3 in the 760 - 780 Range. :smileyhappy:

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