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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

A little History, then to the goals.


I was upside down by $20k, had a jugement for $2k and other past due 2008 filed Chapter 7.  I was a mess.  I started reading and rebuilding.  My BK was discharged in July of 2008.  I had a 403 credit score.


I took out a high interest car note, picked up some high interest credit cards, and bought a house on Land contract. I got a better paying job.  I started working hard, and working harder on my credit.


My goal for this year is to get my score over 700.  I want to move, and to buy a house in Florida, and ether trade in this high interest card,or refinance it.   I recently had the jugements removed from my credit report, I haven't had a late pay in almost 3 years, and I have quite a few accounts open.  I have $1400 in Credit card debt and enough cash in the bank to pay them all off at once. 


I've gone from 403 to 653+ in the past 3 years....It's getting over the 700 hump I'm working for!!!

Starting Score: 653
Current Score: 685!!!
Goal Score: 720

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