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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I have paid a lot of my debt off in the last 2 years totaling over $40,000 I have no bad debt. I tried to open a BOA secured card in April of 2011 and was denied. WHAT I could not believe it denied for a secured credit card. I didn't even know that they pulled your credit for one of those. My TU was 607, EQ 617, EX 622 And it dropped my EX credit score by 30 points I could not believe it, I was at a loss for words. But then I applied cautiously for a PSB secured card and got it and they did not pull my credit for it. Now I only have a $2700.00 student loan, a $10,500 Auto Loan, and a zero balance on my PSB card and my FH account.


My current Scores

TU 666

EQ 658

EX 668


I am trying to get better scores but I am at a loss. I have never filed bankruptcy and have no bad debt and my scores have been pretty much like this since October of 2011 I see little to no increase in those numbers what is going on. I need to get my scores higher. Does anyone have any suggestions, because I am plumb out of ideas.