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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hello my fellow FICO Fitness Challengers 2012:


I'm excited to be here to start and succeed at building my score!


My goal is be to at a 700 and beyond so that I can be a proud homeowner. I'm tired of renting and paying off other people's mortgages.


In 2000-2001, I allowed my love life to take precedence over the important things in life. I allowed him to use my cards and my credit and by the time I knew it, my score was in the low 500's "ouch". Well I learned my lesson.


I'm currently writing to companies and removing old complied with negative information from my credit report. I now have "one" card I use and pay religiously, I also have one car loan I pay religiously on too. I only have one collection item on my report that I will be paying very soon (thankfully it's a small amount)


Hopefully when you hear from me again I'll be reporting a better score Smiley Wink

Starting Score: 644
Current Score: 663
Goal Score: 700

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