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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!


ol wrote:

Hello my fellow FICO Fitness Challengers 2012:


I'm excited to be here to start and succeed at building my score!


My goal is be to at a 700 and beyond so that I can be a proud homeowner. I'm tired of renting and paying off other people's mortgages.


In 2000-2001, I allowed my love life to take precedence over the important things in life. I allowed him to use my cards and my credit and by the time I knew it, my score was in the low 500's "ouch". Well I learned my lesson.


I'm currently writing to companies and removing old complied with negative information from my credit report. I now have "one" card I use and pay religiously, I also have one car loan I pay religiously on too. I only have one collection item on my report that I will be paying very soon (thankfully it's a small amount)


Hopefully when you hear from me again I'll be reporting a better score Smiley Wink

HI ol


Make sure they give you a LETTER OF DELETION after you've paid.  Make them send you in writing that they will send you this letter before you send them any money.  Also, even before that, make them verify that this is your bill.  If they do, then make sure you tell them that you can't pay it all - debt collectors purchases these bills from the original company you owe for little or nothing and then charge the full amount of the debt.  Negotiate; start low, be shameless!! :-).  And when they say they will accept the payment that you negotiated, then you tell them you want the bill stamped PAID and then ask for a LETTER OF DELETION, not OF PAYMENT but DELETION.  Your score will then rise faster than a roller coaster descends!

Starting Score: 590
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Goal Score: 750

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