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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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I've created a simple Excel file that has been helping me reach my financial goals. 


Main goal: To have just a mortgage payment.


Last year I had 7 open accounts w/ balances, and with lots of planning (excel sheet) and predictability, I'm now down to 4 accounts. I have 2 auto payments ($4K & $15K) and 1 credit card ($1K), and mortgage($150K) currently. 


Goals for 2012:

  • Get down to 1 account (mortgage)
  • avoid risks
  • stay healthy
  • minimize misc spending
  • save-save-save!! 


Best luck to all!

Starting Score (Mar 2006): 613
Current Score (Nov 2011): 762
Goal Score: 800+