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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hey Everyone!


So like many out there, I started out my adult life destroying my credit.  I had no role models growing up when it came to money or credit.  Then after realizing how bad I was at managing credit, I avoided it like the plague.  Of course, that was not a long term solution.  In 2008, I decided to start paying on my student loans for the first time.  Then I got a secured CC that I put $1000 down for $1500 limit.  After that I got my credit report, which of course was ugly.  So I decided there wan't anything I could do at least for a few years but ensure that I kept paying my bills on time every month.  In 2011 I found out about this site and the fico score.  I was determined to educate myself.  The last of my old negative crap finally fell off my report in 2011.  I now have a few more credit cards and two car loans that are joint with my husband.  I am very proud to have the scores I have.  It has taken time and hard work, but I have started seeing the rewards that go along with being responsible with credit.  I just got approved this week for a Discover Card with a $3500 cl.  Now I just want to pay down my balances.  Right now I have a utilization of 27%.  My goal is to pay off all of my cards but one which I want to have below a 15% utilization by the end if the year.  This year I will apply for no more cards.  I will let my accounts age.  Starting to think about the possibility of purchasing a home in the next few years.  I am so thankful that I found this site and these forums.  It is crazy how little I really knew before I did. 

Starting Score: TU 719 1/7/12, 706 Equifax 1/7/12
Current Score: TU 719 1/7/12, 706 Equifax 1/7/12Goal Score: 770

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