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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hey Guys-


I am amped about this fitness challange especially since this site has been helping me get things removed from my credit report. My main reason about getting serious about cleaning my credit up is I want to purchase a new car in October. I want a brand spanking new 2012-2013 vehicle but I dont want my interest rate to be ridiculous. Im at 644 now which is great considering just a few months ago I was told my number was 624 on TU. I messed up my credit in college because I I thought credit cards were free money and I am paying for it now. But this time I am going to get it right!!

Starting Score: 624
Current Score: 710(MYFICO 06/10/2013) Experian: 705 (Pulled from Bank of America while applying for an auto loan 5/2013)Goal Score: 800 Club

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge