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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I have been rebuilding DH and my credit for 4.5 years. We are currently in the mortgage process and hoping to close by the end of January. I will not be applying for any other new credit for us. Our cc's are in gardening mode. We didn't even use them for Xmas.:smileyindifferent: My goal is to break into the 720+ range by the end of 2012. I will continue to pay off cc balance of $2400 to help with utilization and pay ALL bills on time. 

1/2008 TU 539 EX 642 EQ 549 (myfico)
1/2009 TU 615 EX 637 EQ 586 (myfico)
1/2010 TU 653 EX 669 EQ 630 (myfico)
12/2011TU 680 EX 690 EQ 673 (lender pulled)
Closed on home 1/30/2012
Goal Scores 720+

Wallet: Amex NPSL, HSBC $5600, HSBC $300, First Premier $250, Credit One $575 (All in gardening mode)