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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I found this site in November 2011 while I was going through the mortgage process.  I had a bad, but enlightening, experience with the first lender I applied with.  Things fell through with the first lender and I was recommended to a new lender by my realtor.  Some of the advice they were giving me seemed 'off' compared to what I was learning here.  I learned the LO's think they know how credit scoring works, but I made the changes to the scores myself from what I learned here.  Previous to October 2011, I had been working on rebuilding my credit for over 2 years (Feb 2012 will bring 3 years of 'clean' credit).  I was irresponsible in my younger days and just didn't care.  In 2009, I decided I needed to grow up and get with it.  I haven't had a late/missed payment or any collections since 2008.  I also had a few rebuilding credit cards that I continue to use wisely.  My biggest accomplishment is buying my first home on 12/23/11...and I couldn't have done it without everything that I learned here.  My goal is to keep my credit utilization under 9% and continue building!!


September 2011

Capital One-$500 cl--balance $189

Orchard Bank-$300 cl--balance $146

Credit One-$575 cl--balance $59

WFNNB-$560 cl (grocery store CC where I work)--balance$189

Care Credit-$1000 cl--balance $181

Capital One Auto--balance $19,000 (just opened in July)


November 2011

Capital One--paid balance down to $0

Orchard Bank--paid balance down to $0

Credit One--paid balance down to $10

WFNNB--paid balance down to $0

Care Credit--paid balance down to $0


December 2011

Closed on mortgage!!


January 2012

No new debt on previous cards!

Approved for GEMB/Mckinneys--$2500 cl--$2100 balance (new furniture, %0 percent interest until 2014...will be paid off with taxes)

Approved for GEMB/JC Penney's--$200 cl--$0 balance

Approved for Barclays--$1000 cl--$0 balance

Credit One--CLI to $675

Orchard Bank--CLI to $400


Now I'm gardening :-)




Starting Score: 611
Current Score: TU 674, EQ 625
Goal Score: 850

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