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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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Fiiiinally decided to take the challenge!


starting scores are 577 TU and 553 EX.


Have 1 unpaid cap one bill from 2007 for $1100 still reporting bringing my uti to over 200%!! Trying to decide on settling or waiting for it to fall off, also one $50 collection for a medical bill I am still trying to figure out from where?


To start the re-building process I have a $200 cap one secured, $300 FP unsecured and just payed my first  42/mo car payment I got approved for last month. I plan on keeping low balances and hoping to get to the mid 600's and start applying for a mortgage next year!!!

Starting Score: TU 573, EX 558
Current Score: TU 573, EX 558
Goal Score: 650 across all!

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge