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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I first joined the FICO Fitness Challenge in late 2010 (which I was unaware was the first year) and did fairly well. My score prior to starting the challenge was 677 but due to paying off a lot of CC debt jumped up into the low 700 range. After such success in 2010, I decided to take the challenge for 2011 as well. Little did I know in January 2011 that I would be a homeowner in August 2011.


Last year was really exciting for me. I bought my first home and then decided to apply for new credit as well following my home purchase. Now that I've been in my home for nearly 6 months, I am ready to bring my scores back up. Due to the mortgage reporting and four new CCs (one was upgraded from the Old Navy card to the ON Visa) as well as CLIs/HPs, my score has gone down a bit. I'd like for all of my scores to be in the 750 range, which I believe is possible. Of course, I have no way of checking to see what my Experian score is short of requesting a BOA CLI and getting denied. 


Current scores:


TU 754

EQ 707

EX 731


Goal: 750 across the board 

Starting Score: 760
Current Score: 716 Equifax 754 TU 736 Experian
Goal Score: 760